Latvian Platform for Development Cooperation LAPAS is association with 34 members working for global sustainable development and global education in Latvia and globally (established in 2004).

Since post-2015 process LAPAS has actively coordinated multi stakeholder cooperation on SDGs related issues:

  • established the working group with active NGOs, academia, UNESCO LNK
  • organized several national level discussions with participation of NGOs, local governments, parliamentarians, government representatives, academia
  • implemented multi stakeholder discussions in regions together with the Union of Local Governments
  • drafted Spotlight Report on the Implementation of the SDGs in Latvia
  • created a data base on the best practices implementing SDGs  (more cases are collected now)
  • supported SDGs related awareness raising actions at local level – schools, youth centres, etc.
  • drafted a methodology how to explain SDGs
  • elaborated a specific web page with diverse materials on each SDG
  • advocated for SDGs and related change in Parliamentary Committee, relevant government institutions and HLPF, presenting together with the minister of economics.
  • Activities on inequalities – as national level association we work more on awareness raising, advocacy but our members work on diverse topics regards inequalities.

Main constituency groups – as a platform we work with national level bodies but our members work with diverse target groups. We also go beyond membership and cooperate with other stakeholders like UNESCO LNK, private sector, academia. The coalition adopted a new logo and virtual identity in 2021.

Thematic focus

  • Good governance and anti-corruption
  • Criminal justice policy
  • Tolerance and inclusive public policy
  • Education policy
  • Global and development education
  • Intercultural and bilingual education, lifelong learning
  • Sexual and reproductive health rights, HIV/ AIDS
  • Childrens’ rights, work with street children, work with children having special needs, youth-friendly healthcare, youth advocacy
  • Local development and sustainable environment
  • Gender equality
  • European policy
  • Strengthening civil society at the national, local and regional level.

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