The Italian Coalition Against Poverty, supported by a large number of Italian citizens and dozens of organisations, associations, trade unions and civil society movements, is the Italian expression of a broader global movement that has set itself the goal of countering the mechanisms that generate poverty and inequality in the world, promoting the adoption of sustainable development policies that respect human rights, the dignity of every person, gender equality, and social and environmental justice.

Since its inception in 2005, on the eve of the G8 Summit in Gleneagles, the Coalition has organised several mobilisation activities and international campaigns to push political leaders to keep their commitments and eradicate poverty, respect international conventions, the environment and human rights.

Since then, GCAP Italy has gradually established itself as a key interlocutor of Italian civil society for Italian institutions, within the G7 and G20 international processes and in the national debate on the definition of the new Sustainable Development Agenda that gave rise to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Coalition’s experience has shown that working together allows civil society as a whole to strengthen its institutional dialogue, but also to make and promote culture in a political and social context that at all levels (national, European and international) is in the midst of change and, in some respects, alarming.

The members of the Coalition firmly believe that in the future – also because of the increasing competition for ever scarcer resources – it will be necessary to continue to ally in order to influence policies that do not adequately respond to the deep and structural social problems of today’s society.

The experience of the Coalition has shown that working together allows all civil society to strengthen its institutional dialogue, but also to make and promote culture in a political and social context that at all levels (national, European and international) is in full transformation and, in some respects, alarming. The members of the Coalition firmly believe that in the future – also because of the growing competition for scarce resources – we will have to continue to join forces to influence policies that can not adequately respond to the profound and structural social problems of today’s society.

Our vision

A model of development based on the paradigms of respect for the dignity of the person, equity and sustainability. We want a world in which the economic system creates wealth for everyone and not just for the few; a world where governments, people and the private sector respect and take care of the planet so that it is habitable for us and for future generations.

Our mission

As a member of the international GCAP network, the GCAP Italy is part of the largest civil society movement in the world. Together with the other national coalitions, GCAP Italy supports all women and men in their battles to achieve greater justice and dignity; brings together the organisations of Italian Civil Society to dialogue with the institutions and intervene in those processes that perpetuate poverty and social and economic uncertainty; defends and promotes fundamental human rights, gender equity, social justice and security necessary to guarantee universal dignity and peace.

Thematic focus

  • Poverty
  • Inequality in the world
  • Sustainabledevelopment
  • Respect for human rights and human dignity
  • Gender equality
  • Social justice
  • Environmental issues

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