GCAP Indonesia is a network of more than 50 grassroots and civil society that concern with the implementation of Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) in Indonesia. Its established on September 2001. It is now active in localisation of SDGs.

Activities on MDGs and SDGs:

  • GCAP Indonesia was active in implementation of MDGs. Now its working on localizing SDGs and monitoring the implementation at local and district level.
  • Activities that conducted by GCAP Indonesia advocated civil society’s demands for the Post-2015 process and participants of this activities from 9 different major groups and also public in general are presented to the respective governments (through People Charter and public dialogues)
  • Organized national meeting for formation of GCAP Indonesia-Action/2015 team on 23 July 2014
  • Organized the launch of the Action/2015 campaign on August 19 2014 at Senayan Sports Hall Jakarta
  • Organized several events such as tree plant activities collaborate with 15 schools in Jawa and Maluku islands, workshop on impact of climate change to peasants and people living in small islands, and public dialogue between September 15-25 in parallel with UNGA and Climate Change Summit.

Thematic focus

  • Rural Development
  • Fighting Inequalities
  • SDG Implementation

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