Who we represent

AGL is the consortium of a global regional network in Germany (AGL). We are the nationwide umbrella organisation of 16 national networks. AGL supports its members in their commitment to ensure a future-oriented global development based on the principles of social justice, environmental sustainability, democracy and participation.

AGL reaches about 10,000 development political groups and associations nationwide through its member federations. AGL is a member of VENRO, the umbrella organisation of development and humanitarian aid non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Germany.

What we do

AGL supports the education, information and project work of its members. It networks activities and campaigns on current priority topics and organises the exchange and information flow between the national networks through communication services, training and networking meetings.

A large number of initiatives have been realised in a variety of ways on the themes of justice, solidarity, peace and ecology worldwide. The largely voluntary initiatives inform about the causes and background of the global social and environmental problems: the impoverishment of an ever-growing part of humanity is the downside of a world that is simultaneously depleting nature and destroying the livelihoods of future generations.

Thematic focus

·         Global Learning

·         International cooperation and partnerships

·         Sustainable consumption and production

·         Migration, diaspora and development

·         Participation and strengthening civil society

·         Ecology, commodities, climate protection

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