Česko Proti Chudobě or Czech against Poverty and Inequality is the GCAP Czech Republic coalition. Until now this has been the most important common activity of Czech civic initiatives participating not only in networks associating organisations oriented to development cooperation like the Czech Forum for the Development Cooperation or the Association for Fair-Trade, but also in the association of ecological organisations Zelený kruh (Green Circle).

This network of 35 organisations has discussed common political demands. While each organisation is seeks its own solutions, and they do not agree on every issue, despite their religious or political differences they have been united to contribute practically and politically together to the solutions of the most important present issues that are drawing our planet apart more and more – that is the poverty and the marginalisation of whole continents.

Implementing the Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals consists of a day-to-day work – of politicians, officials, international institutions and of both the non-governmental and private sectors. This change, however, will not be feasible unless supported by the citizens. The main objective of the campaign Czech against Poverty and Inequality is to obtain this support.

Thematic focus

  • Poverty eradication
  • Promotion of equality
  • Development cooperation
  • Ecology