The NGO Defensores do Planeta, is an NGO that has been working for over 23 years for socio-environmental rights in the west zone of Rio de Janeiro, this region has a population of 3 million inhabitants is a place historically abandoned by the public power, stage of numerous human rights violations, poverty, high exposure to violence, hunger, lack of sanitation and low human development index – HDI (UN.

Our projects aim to help build public policies that improve the socio-environmental situation in Brazil, and for that we use the 2030 agenda to strengthen the social fabric, bring information, training and implement socio-environmental actions in communities in Brazil, to achieve our goals we work with international cooperation.

We work at the local level in the areas of human rights, family farming, eradicating poverty, fighting hunger, access to sanitation, environmental education in the favelas and in the dissemination and implementation of the SDGs at the national level, we work with environmental education in cities, combating racism , youth empowerment, training on the 2030 agenda of local governments, cooperation with the Brazilian government, climate justice, women’s empowerment, water management, climate education, health, defense of the ocean, combating toxic pollution, defense of forests, biodiversity , sustainable cities, implementation of the SDGs in the construction of public policies, we work internationally in partnerships with NGOs, UN, BID, OAS, OECD, European Union, Mercosur, universities and companies in the socio-environmental area, we work with advocacy in the spaces of the United Nations in construction of sustainable development, Paris agreement, new urban agenda, UNCLOS convention, Escazú Agreement, Montevideo Consensus on Population and Development, we participate in the civil society participation mechanism in ECLAC’s 2030 agenda, in the implementation of the 2030 agenda in the southern cone , in the strengthening and participation of civil society, in the inclusion of youth, in the fight against climate change, in the search for peace and in cooperation with UN member countries.

Defensores do Planeta operates in the inclusion and empowerment of youth, so our youth coordination works to build public policies that defend the rights of youth in Brazil and abroad. creation of the first youth forum in Latin America and the Caribbean on the 2030 agenda and we still hold youth forums in Brazil.

Defensores do planeta inaugurated the only SDG youth center, located in the west zone of the city of Rio de Janeiro, it is a place of inclusion and empowerment of more than 2000 young people from the favelas and local schools in the implementation of the SDGs, this being a territory lacking public policies exposed to hunger and violence and a very low HDI, there young people work in information and training on the SDGs and use the 2030 agenda as a tool for transforming the socio-environmental problems of the region, the project has a partnership with the university rural federal government of Rio de Janeiro, the government of Rio de Janeiro, the city hall of Rio de Janeiro and UN recognition.

In 2022, we won the award for acting and defending the environment from the Brazilian Engineering and Architecture Council

We have status as a special NGO at ECOSOC/UN, we are part of the Brazilian network of environmental education, the Brazilian network of socio-environmental justice, the Brazilian climate alliance, the Atlantic forest NGO network, the Latin American network of environmental education, the global network of climate justice, youth network for water, part of the national water council, clean oceans network, we coordinate the 2030 agenda in Rio de Janeiro, we have a seat on the environment council in Rio de Janeiro, we participate in the OAS, accreditation in the UN environment at UNESCO in BID and European Union.


We work with the following groups:

  • Young people
  • children and teenagers
  • Women
  • indigenous
  • Quilombolas
  • farmers
  • fishermen
  • Leaders of the Favelas
  • socio-environmental organizations
  • socio-environmental NGOs
  • Companies
  • local governments

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