Association for Local Development Initiatives (ALDI) is a non-governmental and not-for-profit organization  established in 1996, with its headquarter in Gorazde, Bosnia and Herzegovina. ALDI is one of the leading  independent associations/think-tanks in Bosnia and Herzegovina with a focus on the private sector development, policy advocacy, and capacity building. In a private sector development, we currently focused on creating skilled workers and higher-wage jobs, entrepreneurship and SMEs development.

Through a series of vocational training projects implemented by ALDI over the past five years, nearly 1.000 unemployed persons from the Gorazde Canton area are trained, whereof after training, 800 people got a job in the manufacturing sector. The effects of our activities are primarily reflected in a significant reduction in unemployment with the continuation of positive economic growth that Gorazde Canton achieved in the last few years. In policy advocacy, our focus is on local economic development and strengthening of local communities capacities for more efficient planning and designing of local economic policies and measures.

Our strategic focus is to support efficient public policy-making through monitoring, public policy analysis, identification of barriers in governmental policies and through the creation of policy proposals that can have an impact on wellbeing in society in order to contribute and influence to economic and social progress in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

During last two years, in cooperation with the relevant ministry, we created the Model Law on adult education which was adopted in May 2015 in six of ten Cantons in Federation BiH with the aim of encouraging meaningful and comprehensive reform in the field of employment and reform of the education system. In capacity building, our focus is on public-private partnership building aiming to strengthen collaboration between private sector, schools, and local authorities. In this area, we are trying to establish a bridge for cooperation between the labour market and the education system. Through our activities, we are trying to encourage the creation of better educational offer which is in line with market needs for new knowledge and skills, as well as the digital skills necessary for the economy in the 21st century. In our work, we cooperate with various institutions from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the EU countries and our activities are supported mainly by EU funds, especially IPA, EIDHR and Erasmus +.

Thematic focus

  • Economic development
  • Citizen empowerment for active participation in socio-economic and political spheres

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