While the world is grappling with (COVID-19), Senegal has not been spared by this pandemic which continues to progress, installing desolation, fear, psychosis and a procession of misfortunes.

The Senegalese community as a whole, including the state, civil society, the private sector, researchers, religious and opinion leaders are deeply concerned by this situation which is starting to have consequences for daily life, health and the well-being of all those affected directly and indirectly.

Recognizing the magnitude of the pandemic, the head of state has engaged in extensive consultations with all social, political, union, research and legal actors to build a sacred union and face the dire consequences of covid-19.

This approach has been highly praised by all Senegalese, because it reassures and strengthens the bonds of solidarity and patriotism: the key word is “I stay at home to save lives“.

GCAP-Senegal highly appreciated the measures taken by the government of Senegal during its audience with the head of state, which included closing the borders, establishing a state of emergency accompanied by a curfew of 8:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m., ban on all gatherings, closing of schools and universities.

GCAP-Senegal congratulates and appreciates the tireless efforts of the medical and paramedical personnel, magnifies their courage and their determination in this moment of crisis to save the people and the nation.

Today Senegal crosses a rather difficult context, and what pushes GCAP Senegal to fear catastrophic scenarios which will undoubtedly worsen poverty, unemployment and lead thousands of families in distress, famine and food insecurity.

GCAP-Senegal remains concerned about the negative impacts and the social, economic and security consequences that COVID -19 will generate in low income countries and calls on this occasion the government, development partners, the international community, the private sector and all people of goodwill in union, solidarity, patriotism, mutual aid and assistance.

  • GCAP-Senegal calls for the mobilization of all patriots, starting with the highest authority, an inclusive and participatory approach with particular attention to vulnerable groups, in particular women, children, people living
    with disabilities, people in the 3rd age, the populations living in the villages, the rural area and the areas affected by the pandemic.
  • As the period of confinement and closing of borders increases, access to basic necessities becomes crucial, which can lead to social unrest and crises, therefore we call on the government to take all necessary measures to deal with any eventuality by making foodstuffs available and to take appropriate measures for the payment of wages for all workers, public and private.
  • In this period of health crisis, we are also alerting to the possibility of a shortage of medicines in pharmacies, which would be very damaging.
  • To cope with famine and food insecurity, we call on the government to distribute free food to people, especially the vulnerable.
  • Covid-19 has had a strong impact on daily workers, commerce, crafts and the informal sector, we call on the government to declare free and take over water and electricity bills for the duration of the pandemic.
  • We urge the government to put in place an emergency plan for those infected and families affected by the pandemic.
  • We urge the government to transparent and accountable management of financial resources, in kind, donations and support received from partners and goodwill.
  • We urge the government to better reflect on containment and to open up to its African peers for a regional and more comprehensive response plan.
  • We invite civil society to contribute to the wide dissemination of information relating to the prevention of Covid-19, to support comment actions.
  • We invite citizens to stay at home to protect themselves and their families.

GCAP Senegal calls for Union and solidarity for the benefit of our communities

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GCAP Senegal page: https://gcap.global/coalition/senegal