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The new backgroun document of Faces of Migration deals with a complicated issue. Migrations from Libya are in fact caused by a conflict that the international community is not able to bring to a path of pacification. In Libya, great economic and geopolitical interests are at stake: two local governments, militias, numerous states, from Turkey to Russia, the Gulf countries and Egypt, Italy and France, Isis and criminal networks.

In this framework with no apparent way out, the Italian government with the European Union has negotiated an agreement to stop the trafficking of migrants, exposing itself to the blackmail of Libyan militias and sending migrants back to detention centers where they are tortured.

All this is far from respect for human rights, the objectives of sustainable development and in particular from the 10.7 objective of creating regular and safe migration pathways. What is needed is a profound change in European and Italian policy, something that cannot be seen even in the recent proposal of the New Pact on Migration and Asylum of the European Commission. Meanwhile women, men and children continue to die in the Mediterranean and to be exploited and tortured in detention centers.

The document Faces of Migration, which can be downloaded here, describes the situation and the actions underway, asking to put human rights at the center, and the search for peace, starting to overcome the conflicting interests between European states.

You can read the full Background Document here.