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Global Solidarity Action – 22 May


We are organising the Global Day of Solidarity on Friday, 22 May!

GCAP in collaboration with many other CSOs is mobilizing people around the world to raise their voices in solidarity with each other and to call on governments to work together at the global level. The World Health Assembly of the WHO was held this week. We need strong global institutions working for the common good and not for the political interests of individual states.

Health coverage needs to be universal – starting with free vaccines. Social Protection for all is fundamental as people lose jobs and income and more and more are facing hunger. To finance this, we demand debt cancelation and tax justice. For example, no recovery money can be given to companies using tax havens. We need to build back in the spirit of solidarity and ecological and climate justice.

Now is the best time to come together to change the system that created these multiple crises. Only with the people can governments achieve the change we need.

Examples and inspiration for actions can be found here in our toolkit.

Please register your action here on the COVID Citizen Action website!

We will mobilise on social media under the common hashtag #StrongerTogether and the unifying theme of colour. GCAP will also use the hashtag #IStandWith to draw attention to how the most vulnerable are especially affected.

The basis of our messages is the joint statement which we developed together and signed as GCAP together with more than 400 CSOs.

You can sign the statement and read more here:

GCAP’s response to COVID-19

GCAP has been active in responding the last two months organising concrete solidarity to reduce the suffering of the poor like migrant workers. We advocate to keep the most vulnerable at the forefront of a just response.

To keep up-to-date on all that GCAP is doing, visit our dedicated Covid-19 page on our website.

Statement on COVID-19 and Racism

GCAP has been particularly disturbed by incidents of racism in relation to the virus. We issued a statement condemning these recent cases and calling for strong reactions from governments, civil society and the international community.

#NoDiscrimination campaign during 7th APFSD

If you are in Asia, take part on 20 May in GCAP Asia’s #NoDiscrimination campaign of vulnerable communities in the pandemic on the day of the Asia-Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development (APFSD).

Mobilise together with us on 22 May!
Let’s make this a strong sign for global solidarity!