Climate change is already a reality today and its effects are conducive to displacement and forced migration. Changing our lifestyles and unsustainable production models is essential to protect the lives, homes and jobs of millions of families.

Thursday, April 22, World Earth Day, FOCSIV was with  Earth Day Italy on RaiPlay (the major public digital TV in Italy) presenting a preview of a video on Climate and Migration, released with the support of Faces of Migration project.

Today, 27 April, the video is launched and disseminated at the European level through the FOM partners’ communication channels.

The video is available on FOCSIV YouTube Channel and on the Faces of Migration website

The video shows how greenhouse gas emissions and the related warming of the atmosphere and oceans are causing environmental disasters, from floods to desertification, forcing millions of families to displace in their countries and to neighboring ones.

An estimated 140 million people will be forced to displace by 2050. Witnesses show in the video how climate change is helping to amplify conflict and migration, from Afghanistan to Nigeria.

Global and local action for climate justice is needed: those who cause the most greenhouse gas emissions must urgently reduce them, while families and countries most affected must be supported to protect themselves from disasters with investments to avoid hydrogeological disruption.

More international cooperation is needed, and Europe should increase investments in agroecology, renewable energy, sustainable and inclusive cities, and the rights of the most vulnerable people and migrants, as set out in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. European countries should plan to achieve the target of 0.7% of their national income for development cooperation, for a radical, equal, just transition to a new paradigm.