The focus of the coalition is to make sure to “Leave No One Behind”. In practice, more than 50% of the population of Togo do not have access to basic services such as health and education.

For women, it means the equality between men and women, the possibility to do all they want by the law, it means to not be discriminated against in their right to land, of succession and so many others things that culture and taboos don’t give them the same chance to have here.

Social protection is not yet a reality, more than 50 per cent do not have access to social cover and more than 85 per cent don’t have any health insurance.

The political situation in Togo is unstable. People want to have voices on important issues but they are very limited in their actions. Women and marginalized people are underrepresented in the sphere of decision making.

GCAP Togo is a member of the following regional and international networks:

  • Action for Sustainable Development
  • TAP

Thematic focus

  • Eradication of poverty
  • The right to food
  • Access to healthcare
  • Quality education
  • Gender equality
  • Access to clean water and sanitation
  • Decent work
  • Sustainable cities and communities
  • Climate justice
  • Combat desertification, land degradation and loss of biodiversity
  • Peace and justice e.g. Accountability of governments and the private sector
  • Partnership for Global Justice e.g. trade and the financial system

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