Through a series of programmatic, sectoral and legal initiatives, the organization promotes the debate and analysis of the need to build a sovereign economic model, which has the capacity to determine for itself an inclusive economy with policies oriented towards social welfare. Similarly, the entity advocates for the creation of a fair, progressive and efficient tax system that guarantees an adequate public budget for investment in inclusive and equitable social welfare policies (health, education, justice, housing, etc.).

Promoting a critical and informed citizen awareness, based on our own reality is essential for a change of attitude in relation to the crisis of civilisation and injustice in our country and in the world, and to be able to mobilise ourselves. To this end, it is necessary to generate critical information and creative and comprehensive written and audiovisual educational materials.

Since its origins, the Tzuk Kim-pop Movement has been promoting a series of initiatives and actions aimed at strengthening the organisational and social mobilisation capacities of multiple development actors and social-political subjects, especially in the country’s Western Highlands. The Tzuk Kim-pop Movement has had a work agenda that has been related to the promotion and motivation of actions aimed at strengthening the organisational capacities of women, youth, environmental organisations and indigenous peoples; the generation of mechanisms and instruments to generate dialogue and political negotiation with municipal governments, regional governments, central government and international cooperation; promoting the strengthening of social and sectoral movements, especially in the most vulnerable sectors (women, youth and indigenous peoples of the region); generating political dialogue on integral development in the Western Highlands; generating actions to influence public policies; generating multidisciplinary research processes in the field of sustainable development; and promoting an agenda with global actors that seek to contribute to the debate and mobilisation around global issues: new international financial architecture, Development Agendas (MDGs, Agenda 2030, Climate Change), international cooperation agenda (traditional and South-South), new regional integration (ALBA, CELAC, SICA, others), solidarity and internationalism (global campaigns), political dialogue with global actors (UN, EU, G77, G20, others), alternative movements (World Social Forum, Social Forum of the Americas, Mesoamerican Forum, among others) and in the follow-up of diverse resistance agendas of social movements at Latin American and Mesoamerican level (trade agreements, extractivism, human rights, fiscal justice, inequality, among others).


By vocation and commitment, the Tzuk Kim Pop Movement and its member organisations reaffirm with determination and creativity, to continue contributing to the promotion and accompaniment of diverse political actors and subjects, committed to the task of creating an active, organised, informed, critical, constructive and mobilised citizenry, who demand and assert their human rights, as a basis for building a just, inclusive, equitable, dignified, supportive and peaceful society.

Groups the movement works with predominantly:

  • Young people
  • Women
  • Social and environmental leader
  • Community-based organisations
  • Development NGOs


  • El Movimiento Tzuk Kim-pop está conformado por una Junta Directiva, que se cambia cada tres años.
  • Por ser una instancia de segundo grado, los representantes de la JD son las personas responsables de las organizaciones miembros.
  • En su conformación se busca equidad de género.
  • La última elección se realizó en el 2020.

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